HYPNOSIS is a natural pleasant state, one that everyone experiences. It involves focused attention, heightened concentration and senses.  It is characterized by a slowing of brain waves. occuring naturally during the course of the day. Actiities such as daydreaming or reading a book creating slower brain waves.

HYPNOTHERAPY is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention.  Deep relaxation can activate ones inner resources, helping to change behaviours , emotions or attitudes. It can be used to manage prolems such as stress, anxiety, fears, pain,addictions and weight loss and safe way of creating personal positive change that anyone can benefit from. It cannot be done against your will and you can still reject suggestions.

HYPNOTHERAPY is a psychological therapy and counselling for the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders as well as unwanted habits and undesirable feelings.  It is a safe and drug free way of helping to alleviate negative thoughts, processes and patterns.


Anyone who is open to the idea can be hypnotized.


The experience is completely unique to each person.


Some clients may possess unique hypnotic assets which allow an experinece to be visual, auditory or kinesthetic or may experience all of the senses.


Others may simply feel relaxed and focused during hypnosis.


Your trained Hypnotherapist can assess how responsive a person is to hypnosis during the first consultation.

Your professionally qualified therapist can choose from many different techniques and therapies in a safe and confidential environment.

The therapist may take the person back in memory to a difficult event, or help uncover the root cause of the problem then facilitate the release of feelings and negative beliefs . helping the client to be able to deal with the unwanted issues in a more relaxed and calm way.


Hypnotherapy can help in dealing with extreme fear, overcoming painful past experiences and changing addictive or repetitive behavious. It can address other issues interfering with personal growth and achievement.

There is considerable evidence in the use of hypnotherapy in treating conditions such as IBS. Many different factors may increase pain, and stress can play a major role.

Adolescent Depression is becoming more widespread, and hypnosis can help  dealing with the stresses and pressures being experienced by so many of our young .