We respect that each individual Client and each individual issue requires specific techniques or therapies.

Most issues involve 2 - 4 visits during which time a combination of self hypnosis techniques , breathing or other techniques will be utilised e.g. Energetics,Integrative hypnosis, regression therapy,NLP, EFT, mindfulness etc.


Do you get nervous or think you can't do something or worry about what others think. Lack of confidence or low self esteem is a problem for many people.

Direct your attention to your strengths (as opposed to your weaknesses) by turning down the volume on self-sabotaging internal conversations (self-talk) an by resolving buried emotional issues.




Better health, feeling better about yourself, have more energy - Good reasons.     BUT in trying to control our weight sometimes something seems to get in the way and we either can't lose the weight or just continue pile it straight back and feel discouraged .




This is because your unconscious mind holds on to the reasons underlying your thoughts,feelings and behaviour towards food, unconsciously de-motivating or sabotaging your conscious efforts.




Some of the major points we address -

Mindful eating.   Reprogramming the subconscous so that important signals can be heard.

Motivate you to work with your body instead of treating the body as your enemy.      Self acceptance

Hypnosis techniques address those unconscious barriers, reprogramming and help put you back in control -

Healthy Management. 



When fear however starts to impact greatly on your personal or work life preventing you from doing the things you want to or from leading a normal happy life then hypnotherapy and NLP can be an excellent way forward and can produce pretty good results.

1 in 10 people are effected by fears & phobias- from fear of heights to fear of the colour purple. You may be consciously aware that your phobiea is irrational but its your subconscious mind that holds onto the fear. Its natural to experience fear and it can be for your own protection. 


Virtual Gastric Band

To assist clients manage their weight, while at the same time learning to reconnect with their body's signalling mechanism. In brief the lprocedure can activate your FULL trigger more quickly than normal.


Stress can be beneficial e.g in keeping us motivated,but when stress becomes all-consuming and negatitive it often leads to many problems.


These include amongst others, lack of concentration, irritability and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and we teach you various techniques to calm you down.


Everybody at some point has had a bad habit. This could be smoking,biting nails, eating too much and this can leave you feeling defeated, lousy and lethargic.- No fun being stuck with a bad habit.

The first thing to do is acknowledge the whole problem and be committed to change. In order to break a bad habit you need to figure out why you are doing it in the first place.

Hypnotherapy can help you relax, and explore the reasons why you might be partaking in an unwanted habit and give you the tools to help break that cycle.       -------       Get control of your bad habits.

Group Sessions-also convenient for overcoming same bad habits.


Todays modern world, with all its hustle, bustle and pressures, finds many of us suffering from a state of insomnia ,chronic sleep deprivation and the effects of lack of sleep (estimated half of us suffer symptoms and are unable to get a good nights sleep.)  

Hypnotherapy may  help you avoid chronic sleep deprivation and again enjoy the benefits of sleep. 


Exam nerves and stress happen to most of us. The right amount of stress can motivate us and keep us focused. Too much stress and anxiety and we lose focus on important things and automatic negative thoughts take over.

Hypnotherapy can teach you invaluale techniques to improve your memory,revision skills and most importantly to feel confident within yourself so that you can recall information needed at the right time.

A relaxed mind - calm confident to recall information when needed leading to exam success.  " Calm confident successful"


It is the best kept secret in professional sports - top sport men and women work with hypnosis.

If you're looking for improvement in your attitide, focus and ability to perform at your very best - in sports or in almost any area of your life - then hypnosis in sports could very well be just what you need.